August 1998

This was the first trip to Canada for Scott (15) & Andrew (11) Pelton. After hearing the stories about this special place, the boys (and Dad) were very excited! We drove up with the Owatonna guys, but after helping the guys pull the boats thru the swamp, we camped at the site of an old trappers cabin on the south end of the lake. Only the last foot of log was still visible of the cabin. A beautiful spot, but long believed to be haunted.

The three of us slept in Scott’s new tent. With a table and chairs, we had all of the comforts of home.

Our view from camp was spectacular. The boys could not wait to get out fishing. Notice that the boys were wearing their rain gear nearly every day.

The boys had great fishing!

One day, we wanted to see Scotty Lake, named by Scott’s Godfather Mark Cunningham and I when we discovered the lake a few weeks after he was born in 1983.

We canoed through the Duck Pond and paddled up Scotty Creek, that flows into our lake, pulled the canoe over the beaver dam. We were surprised to see the entire valley filled with a huge logging road with a large culvert to allow Scotty Creek to continue to flow. We scrambled up the fresh crushed rock to what is now called Loganberry Road, to see the virgin forest completed clear cut as far as the eye could see. Not visually appealing, but we realize if it was not for the loggers, we would have never found our lake.

Overall, it was a dream come true to have my boys join me at this special place in Canada!

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