June 2000 – Holinshead Lake

After taking Linda on two trips to our traditional tent camping spot in the bush in 1992 & 1993, she clarified her requirements. Linda loves to catch fish, but from now on, all future trips will be in a cabin, with a flush toilet and a shower. Holinshead Lake Resort in early June 2000 met all the requirements.

Holinshead Lake has a unique catch-and-release policy that (at the time) required the release of any fish over 15″. We caught a lot of walleye over 20″, but it was tough to find a few 14″ fish for dinner each night. We loved the challenge!

Despite the changing weather, we caught a lot of Walleyes.

We landed some nice Northerns too. Linda caught the biggest Northern – 34″.

We watched a bald eagle watch us. Very cool!

Fun trip!

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