May 2008

In May 2008, we had a big group for the May trip, but it was a great group! Steve, Scott, Andrew and Tim Pelton, Chris Meyer, Mark Cunningham, Mark Wanous, George Wagner, Ron Hurlbutt and Kendall Strawmatt.

Snow on Memorial Day! 19 degrees when we got up in the morning and it snowed off and on all day. Some of us decided to take a road trip – it was fun to explore some other lakes.

While the unpredictable weather scattered the Walleyes, it was a great trip for big Northerns. George caught a 40″, Ron had a 39″, Steve and Andrew had a double of 33″ or larger. Mark C. and Chris had a wild time catching seven big Northerns in ten casts! All from the same small area of the lake measuring 32″, 33″, 39″, 37″, 34″, 35″, 27″ – Wow!

Tim wondered why he got out of the tent. Despite the snow, the men still had work to do. We went through a lot of firewood to stay warm.

When the snow stopped, we had good fishing. Double – Andrew caught this 33″ and
Steve caught his sister at the same time! George caught the biggest fish a 40″ Northern
Ron followed with a 39″ Northern.

It was fun to take two Suburbans to explore how to get Radio Lake and the river we fatefully tried to use in 1986.

We had a tough time getting out on the Graham road. Broken trailer and a flat tire.

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