August 2015

This was our first summer trip since 2012. The last 4 miles to camp was nearly completed covered with brush, it was like driving through a green blizzard. Could not see the rocks to avoid them. The beaver dam was full of water, at eye level in the truck .

Big thunderstorm brought 3″ of rain on Saturday. On the way out we found that the beaver dam broke and flooded the path. I got the frame of my truck hung up on the center ridge in the path. We pulled the big trailer out of the water backward (not easy) to hook up to John’s truck with chains to pull out my truck. Mark cut out the brush on the left side so we could drive one wheel on the center ridge and one the left side. Three hours later, we were back on the road. See Album

After 35 years, it looks like we may never be able to get back to our camp. We scouted some new spots, but nothing will replace this special place.

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