May 2009

In May 2009, we had a great group of guys!   Steve and Tim Pelton, Chris Meyer, Mark Cunningham, Mark and Zach Wanous, George Wagner, and Kendall Strawmatt.  First time that Scott and Andrew Pelton missed a trip in many years.

Since this may be the only trip this year, we took a couple extra days.  Enough time to recover from 21 hours of cold rain and time for Tim and Steve to take road trip to fish with cousin Jeff Westra and his group Click here to see photos.  

While the cool, unpredictable weather scattered the Walleyes, it was perhaps the greatest trip ever for big Northerns.  Mark Cunningham caught the largest Northern of modern times – 44″ on Mule Lake of all places!  Mark Wanous got a 43″, with his son Zach’s 42.5″ and 39″ right behind.  Ken had a 39″ and Tim caught the biggest fish of his life, a 38″ Northern and it was not even on the board for the top 5!   George got a 37″ and 35″ about 15 minutes apart.  Countless other Northerns over 30″ were caught and all have been released to fight again next year.

After the snow and cold of 2008, Mark and Mark bought a huge 20’x 12′ wall tent, which was a comfortable, warm, dry place to take the chill off.

Perhaps it was the late spring or the natural change after the forest fire a few years ago, but the birds were different.  In addition to the traditional loons, eagles, thrush and ducks, song birds greeted us each morning.  We saw a Robin at camp and we had a very active male Ruffled Grouse drumming near camp each day.  Large flocks of Geese honked on their migration North.  A great wilderness experience. 

Ken braved the cold and rain to land a Northern with a fish in his belly. Ken’s advanced medical care is visible on his finger. George caught some nice Walleyes in the sun. Zach did a great job landing a northern for his Dad. Mark had some luck at the mouth of the creek to Lost Lake. Ken landed a nice 39″ Northern while fishing with George George landed this 37″ Northern 15 minutes later he caught this 35″ Northern. Mark thought the new tent was the right tool for the job Plenty of room from all the essentials.

A 5′ beaver dam greeted us as we left Lost Lake. Hard to show the elevation change, but this photo was taken from on top of the beaver dam. This busy beaver has built a nice hut.

Before the rain started, Steve & Tim had some luck fishing on Lost Lake. Catching 30″ Northerns in crystal clear water from a canoe is Fun!

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