September 2008

Mark Cunningham and I took our first Fall fishing trip in late September 2008. It had been quite a few years since just 2 guys and one vehicle made the trip alone. It was a very relaxed trip. We took time to visit Kakabeka Falls, which is very impressive. With the shutdown of many paper mills and saw mills in NW Ontario, we only saw 4 vehicles on the 120 miles on the logging trails. We had the entire region to ourselves. The leaves were changing before our eyes everyday. The weather changed every day, sunny and warm, then clouds, rain and even hail! Temperatures were mild for this time of year. With the unstable weather, the fish where scattered, but we picked up fish in many different places. No trophies, but good fishing.

Fishing was a little slow, but it was fun to be out on the water again!

The mist over the lake at sunrise was beautiful. It was spectacular to see the trees change everyday. No trucks or boats, we had the entire region all to ourselves!

We ended our trip with a stop to see Kakabeka Falls. A great trip!

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