August 2004

In August 2004, our vehicles took center stage. The transmission on my Suburban went out on the way up, about 2 miles past Gary’s truck stop. It would not go forward in any gear, but it would go into reverse. Mark Wanous backed along the shoulder back to Gary’s. Fortunately, we had 1 extra vehicle, so we stuffed our stuff into the other rigs and had the transmission replaced while we went fishing. We did not lose much time fishing – trouble like this is just part of the adventure! At the end of the trip, Chris drove me into Thunder Bay to pickup the Suburban with a used $2,300 transmission 😦

The reason we had an extra vehicle is that Mark’s Uncle Bob passed away and the funeral was on Saturday morning in Iowa, so he drove his Suburban up alone on Saturday night and joined us Sunday morning.

While some saw this as a photo opportunity, Steve was not pleased. Chris had his Yukon ready. Mark Wanous has a topper perfectly matched for his pickup. The Cunningham family had two vehicles, Mark’s Suburban and Nancy’s truck with another perfectly matched topper.

Few pictures were taken on this trip, but it appears that the weather was nice and some small Northerns were caught.

Camp was setup in it’s normal fashion

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