August 2008

At one point, we thought we might have 18 people on the August 2008 trip, but in the end, only four could make it. Steve and Andrew Pelton, Chris Meyer and George Wagner. The weather was great and the fishing was even better! The water level was high for August, but with the temperature dropping into the low 50’s at night, the bugs were not too bad. The clear skies little wind made for some pretty days and we took some great photos of how beautiful the lake is. We also enjoyed the Northern Lights one night, followed by a meteor shower on our last night at camp. We were like a bunch of kids watching fireworks – an impressive display! Even with the light winds, fishing was excellent. All the Walleyes we could ask for and one trophy Northern. Our group has now caught and released 7 Northerns over 40″ in the past 3 years – this is the best fishing we have ever had!

This 42″ Northern is my biggest ever! We caught lots of Walleyes over 20″. Good fishing!

The ducks on the Big North Lake are almost big enough to fly South. Finally got a nice picture of a loon.

The morning mist over the boats at sunrise. The bay near camp was still at sunrise.
The big forest fire of 2007 is an unfortunate reality of the forest but the flowers and trees come back quickly. Flowers were everywhere, along with a fine blueberry crop that Chris mixed into pancakes. The lake was often like glass reflecting the beauty around us
The channel going to the Far Back Jack Lakes might be the prettiest place on the lake.

The color of sky just after sunset went from yellow to purple as another wonderful day turned to night. Sunset over the bay at camp. Chris tried to net a little more of the sunset. Sunset between the islands at Slip Bobber. Moon rise through the trees over the fire at camp.

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