May 2009 with Jeff Westra

In May 2009, Tim and Steve Pelton took a  road trip to fish with cousin Jeff
Westra and his buddies Bob, Ken and Pat.

Their Camp is just off the main road and there is a nice boat landing. This lake system features lots of moving water, with a nice portage that opens up access to hundreds of miles of water.

Jeff gave Tim and Steve a lesson on how to catch 24″ Walleyes. Steve tried to keep pace with a Northern or two. Tim spent most of his time with snags and tangled line. With 500 lbs of Pelton men in the front of Jeff’s small boat, we did not try to run Cut Rapids High water levels had the rapids churning.

Bob caught a nice 24″ Walleye. Nice sunset at the boat landing. A small crescent moon appeared at sunset. Pat provided instruction as his son Ken listened intently with Steve.

Good to have the Pelton cousins together at the Wisconsin camp with a good group of guys.

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