May 2007

In May 2007, we were very happy to have Paul Klinkner join us again after a 25 year absence. He livened up our camp with songs and stories! On our first trip; Steve, Mark, Paul and Dwayne Miller put 2 canoes on the roof of Nancy’s Ford Granada loaded with all our gear (we traveled lighter back then). We tried Brightsand Lake, but then found a lake that we keep coming back to. A tradition was born!

11 guys is a big group for the May trip, but it was a great group! Steve, Scott, Andrew and Tim Pelton, Chris Meyer, Mark Cunningham, Mark Wanous, George Wagner, Kendall Strawmatt, Paul and Craig Hansen (after missing the last several years, but he let us use his motor!).

A forest fire had ripped through our area and the logging company and/or Ministry of Natural Resources built a number of fire breaks, which made the road as smooth and easy to drive through as ever.

We had every kind of weather, cold, rain, hot, sun, dry and humid – often on the same day. The wind blew out of different direction each day. While the unpredictable weather scattered the Walleyes, it may be the best trip ever for big Northerns. Three fish over 40″, six 36″ & larger and 12 over 30″!

he most unusual way to catch a 40″ Northern was to have it try to swallow a 15″ Walleye on the stringer and get caught on the rope. Andrew was quick with the net and scooped him up!

The fire changed the landscape. The old washout is gone in 2007. Pretty easy drive to the lake this year. The fleet at camp – much more open than before.

George caught the biggest fish a fat 41″ Northern. Steve followed with a nice 40″ Northern 20 minutes later! Mark caught a fat 35″ Northern by accident. Chris caught a nice 34″ Northern with a scar from a bigger fish.
Tim had some fun with his Northern Yuengling the oldest Brewery in the US. Tim’s friends in PA enjoy that the fish “were hitting on Yuengling”

Walleyes were scattered, but we caught some nice fish! Mark’s Walleye measured 26″.

Steve and Chris took advantage of the low water levels to hike back to C.S. Lake to see the huge beaver dam.

The first night was cold, below freezing, so we had to build the fire visible from space 😉
Paul, Andrew, Mark and Mark enjoyed breakfast in paradise. Ken baked some wonderful personalized apple turnovers. Craig got the fire roaring with pieces of Tim Fischer’s old supply tent. Paul took a picture of the new trapper cabin. The fun did not stop when we got to the motel.

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