August 2006

Just 8 guys – George Wagner, Mark Cunningham, Kendall Strawmatt, Chris Meyer, Andrew & Steve Pelton, and Mark & Zach Wanous. Water levels were very low after a hot dry summer. Other than 1 flat tire, it was a easy trip.

While temperatures topped 100 back home, we had overcast skies, a nice breeze, good weather and a perhaps the best fishing for big fish we have had in many years!

We had a memorial for Tim Fischer and scattered his ashes on the Clear Jack Lake and at camp.

Andrew was the star of the trip with a 43″ Northern! Zach landed his biggest fish, a fat 38″ Northern.

Andrew caught a 34″ Northern the day before. Chris caught a bunch of pretty Walleyes. Mark caught a bunch of 16+ Walleyes and a few large Northerns by accident
Steve caught a lot of nice Walleyes.

We had a nice memorial for our fishing buddy Tim Fischer. The old men remembered our friend on the top of the rock on the Clear Jack Lake.

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