May 2014

Four 40″ Northerns of the 32 Northerns over 32″.WOW! Five consecutive days of perfect
weather was quite a surprise after a long cold winter. Caught almost all of the Northerns in shallow water near the mouth of creeks, just after ice out. Walleyes were scattered, but good fishing. View Slideshow

Spencer Cunningham who had such a great time on his first trip in 2013, brought his brother Austin now home from serving our country in Afghanistan. With Mark Cunningham, Mark Wanous, Kendall Strawmatt and Jerome Spindler, we had a solid group of guys.

Northerns took center stage with both Ken and Spinny landing 42″ beasts. Spencer catches a 40″ Northern on every trip! His brother Austin tied him for bragging rights. Lots of big fish taken out of shallow water.

The Walleye fishing was excellent! In one case, the Walleye was so hungry it took jigs from both Mark and Spencer!

We moved Tim Fischer’s marker out on the big rock so we could see it from the water on Clear Jack Lake.

Was watched a moose and a calf cross the Clear Jake Lake and shake off the cold water on shore.

This Grouse hung around camp and frequently drumming.

Good group!

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