October 2015 – Scouting Mission

1,130 mile trip to Canada over a long weekend. Drove up Friday October 2 and back Sunday!  After the beaver dam blew out our road in August, we needed to find another access point on the East side of the lake.  In fact we found 2 access points.  One where the logging company removed the bridge is the best access.  Scouted some potential camp areas.  Found a real nice camp that we used for 2 nights, but 6 miles from the bridge.

A large sandy campsite was excellent for our large group, but 6 miles from the best lake access. Sunny and 55 during the day and 20 at night – hard frost on the windshield – froze the dish water in the pot – cold! 

We found the best access was were they removed the bridge after logging the area. easy place to dock the boats. Good trail to haul the trailers from the camping area to the lake. The camping area is long an narrow, but putting in stakes into the hard packed road bed is difficult. We have found our new home.

Ran into 2 guys from Thunder Bay cutting brush along the road – tired of scratching his pickup – they have been fishing here for 20 years, but we never met them.  They fish in June & July – we fish May & August.  Above is the Italian Camp and the lake access to the Middle Lake. Not well suited for our big group and all of our gear.

Talked to a big group of moose hunters – 8 guys staying for 3 weeks, 4 trucks, 4 ATVs, huge operation!  They were building a huge lodge, water pump from the lake, generators, freezers, hot shower, a bigger electrical panel than I have in the house – wow!  

The big 2007 forest fire was much more extensive on the east side of the lake – miles and miles of new growth pines and aspen.  More elevation change – nice vistas from the top of the hills with smaller trees.  Leaves were changing – very pretty. The road had a couple washouts, but nothing too bad.

We identified the other important places to stop before entering the bush. The Beer Store and the bait shop.

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