May 2012

This was memorable trip! It started early on Friday morning, when Mark Wanous’s truck broke down on I-35. While Tim Pelton and Kendall Strawmatt shuttled the boats and the truck was being towed back to Owatonna. Fred Bouwman, Andrew and Steve Pelton got the call about 80 miles from home and turned around to get a new truck and headed for Owatonna. We could not get to camp on Friday night, but arrived early Saturday morning.

It rained every day, but the fishing action was great! The one day of light rain and no wind allowed us to take another canoe up to Lost Lake for some fun Northern fishing. The trip out was an adventure, 3 washouts on the main logging road and even Hwy 17 was closed near Kakabeka Falls.

Andrew had great fishing in all kinds of weather, including a 36″ Northern. Mark Wanous, Fred and I had good Walleye fishing. Tim brought a variety of home brewed beer, because you never know what the fish will be hitting on!

Tim, Andrew, Fred and I enjoyed canoeing Lost Lake. Caught a bunch of 25-30″ Northerns. Fred even caught a Northern on his fly rod!

Lots of rain made the washouts more challenging and we found the holes in the big tent.

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