May 2010

This was a trip for the old guys! Tim at 50 was the young guy! Steve and Tim Pelton, Mark Cunningham, Mark Wanous, Kendall Strawmatt and Denny Kramer made his first trip.

The trip got off to an unusual start, going up a week early to avoid conflict with Tim’s daughter’s graduation and with the birth of my new Grandson on Friday morning, we had the Owatonna guys go up early. Tim and I got to camp at dusk. A couple guys could not make it across the border.

After such a great year in 2009, expectations were high, but fishing was only so-so. With the moderate weather, a good time was had by all.

Tim had good fishing for Walleyes and this 34″ Northern. Ken landed several nice Northerns. Steve only caught Walleyes, even when fishing with a Big Doctor Spoon!

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