May 2011

This was another trip for the old guys! We welcomed Fred Bouwman to the group along with Steve and Tim Pelton, Mark Cunningham, Kendall Strawmatt and Denny Kramer. Pretty good mix of weather made it interesting. All in all, it was good trip with a great group of guys!

Saw a moose on Highway 17 and a few bears, including a bear and 2 cubs that ran across the logging trail. Mom ran into the woods, while the cubs went up a tree near the road. Very cool!

We had great fishing action, nothing huge, but we caught a lot of nice fish. The wind made boat control a challenge to stay on the fish.

Lost Lake was full of 30″ Northerns – Fun to catch in a canoe!

The two bear cubs in the tree was fun to watch. Nice camp setup. A rock bounced through Tim’s back window on the way out.

We had such an easy trip out, we had time to stop and see the 120′ Kakabeka Falls, the second highest waterfall in Ontario, on our way home.

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