August 2003

In August 2003, Carl made his first trip, joining Chris, Scott and Steve for his first fishing trip in Canada. We explored Pretty Lake; perhaps the last lake that we had seen on the map, but never fished. With the help of 3 big, young, strong men, we did it!

Fishing was good and the road keeps getting worse.

We hauled an extra canoe up to Lost Lake, paddled the two canoes to the north end, waded through mud & weeds to portage over a beaver dam to the duck pond, then paddled the length of Glacial Lake. Walked to the top of a steep hill overlooking Pretty Lake. Mark Cunningham and I had made it this far to admire the lake before turning around. This time, the men grabbed the canoes and dragged them up and over the hill to Pretty Lake for the first time. Fished for a short time before heading back before dark. Quite an accomplishment!

Carl and Chris had great fishing! Steve is ready to clean fish.

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